About me


The first thing I would like to say about me is that I don’t judge and don’t reject.  Over the 19 years that I have specialised in working with people in deep distress my clients have found me to be patient, consistent, and emotionally available.  Just as often they tell me how much they appreciate my humour, sensitivity and compassion.


For my part, I find being a therapist immensely rewarding and the bonds of care and developing trust between me and my clients are something I treasure.  I always aim to offer a warm welcome to all clients, old and new… starting with a nice cup of tea (or coffee)!



About my practice


I understand that talking therapy can be painful and touching trauma can be distressing.  My aim as a therapist is to meet you where you are emotionally with empathy, care and respect.  Being with you means that each therapy relationship is unique and will be developed to meet your needs – sometimes talking therapy means not talking but being creative in other ways, for instance through drawing and playing.  We will work together to help you find your own way of expressing what you need to say.


My aim is to empower clients to put the past to rest

so it won’t rob them of their future.

Standard fees


  • £50 - £60 for individuals (60min)
  • £65 per session for couples (1hr 15min)


Fees can be negotiable

Sessions can also be held in German.

Contact Me


Mobile: 07812 791773    |    Reception: 020 8469 0858    |    Email: liz@elisabethrosspsychotherapy.co.uk



© Elisabeth Ross, 2016

Contact Me


Mobile: 07812 791773


Reception: 020 8469 0858


Email: liz@elisabethrosspsychotherapy.co.uk


© Elisabeth Ross, 2016